5 Reasons To Ditch Social Media And Start A Personal Blog

Almost all of us have used some form of social media site where you share content that you find interesting. It's a great way to connect with your friends or followers but is it the best way to create and share your content ?

I have used almost every social media platform my entire life and i've come to a conclusion that spending time on these sites and sharing your content there is for the most parts a waste of time for the following reasons;

  1. You may gain a lot of followers or friends if you keep on posting the things that people will like but in the end everyone on social media has a short attention span or mere seconds. Even you won't remember what you posted a few days ago.
  2. Your content will almost instantly be burried in that endless feed and there's no mechanism for your creative content to be discovered by a wider audience . Unless you somehow get viral which, let's be honest, happens almost never. In this endless feed nobody has time to really focus on whatever you are sharing because there's always something else just a scroll away.
  3. There is this anxiety and depression that also comes with using social media sites because even if you accept it or not, you are constantly under this pressure to get likes and shares on your posts. You have to maintain a happy and perfect life persona for everyone around you and it also stops your personal development.
  4. There's also a restriction on the kind of content that you can share and you don't own how your posts will be presented to everyone else. You have to constantly keep updating the feed with content that is acceptable to your followers and still there is no way for your content to be discovered after years of even weeks later. 
  5. Social media platforms rise and fall in popularity, the most popular social media site today will not necessarily the most used site a year later. So when you are putting your time and effort into anyone platform then there is a chance that even you might want to leave that site in future like i left facebook a while ago. Now your years of work is gone and there's no way of migrating that to some new place. You loose your identity as you loose the platform. Therefore i suggest to have a personal blog or site as you main place on internet.

A personal blog is your place on the internet where you are creating content exactly the way you want. Your blog can be discovered by everyone from around the world even years later and instead of just sharing your thoughts in a few words you are actually discussing your ideas in detail.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020