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How to Find Personal Blogs On Any Topic

Internet is full of big media websites and blogs are also mostly run by media houses, so it's becoming harder everyday to find personal blogs written by genuine creators. There are countless small..

How to install python on Mac OS

Well, congragulations for finding the world’s shortest tutorial on installing python on mac OS.It’s already installed on your mac by default. Just open your terminal and..

Gender Role Stereotypes

The understanding of gender and sex distinction make it clear that assigned sex is not necessarily always same as gender of a person. Gender, being a social construct, is mostly stereotyped in most..

The Difference between Assigned Sex and Gender

The Difference between Assigned Sex and Gender

It is common to refer biological sex and gender as same thing in the grammatical norms of society. In reality the two words imply different things. Sex is what society assigns a person at birth bas..

Never Forget These Things on Camping Trips

Never Forget These Things on Camping Trips

I recently did a week long camping trek and while we prepared for almost everything before the start of our journey, we still missed a lot of basic things. Before you go on a camping trip, here is..

Platforms to create your first blog

If you want to start a personal blog then you are going to need a place where you can blog. Blogging platforms make this easy for you by freeing you from all the technical work involved in managing..

Creating a blog on Tehrir

Tehrir is a blogging platform that anyone can use to write blogs and share stories.It is made with the intent to make it easy for everyone to simply write a blog without worrying about managing web..