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01 Sep 2020

K2 Mountain

View of K2 mountain from Concordia. K2 Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the world and the trek to K2 Base Camp is one of the most spectacular mountaineering treks in the world. The trek f

K2 Mountain

When it comes to blogging you have the option to just stick to a single topic and try to be the authority blog about that subject, or you can choose to be a multi topic blog where you write about a

The farthest human made object from earth in space is Voyager 1, currently travelling at a speed of about 62,140 km per hour in the interstellar space at a distance of roughly 21.2 billion kilomete

Voyager One The Story Of Farthest Human Made Object In Space

When i tell anyone about my color blindness, they always assume that being color blind means that i can't see any color. Some of the most common respo

I spend most of time scrolling through social media feeds, watching Youtube videos or binge watching shows. Over the past few years i did manage to reduce my screen time on social media by quitting

Political ideologies are always difficult to talk about because we tend to see things only in black and white. An ideology is assumed to be either good or it's bad. So when we pick a side, cement o

You might think that the real color of Sun is yellow , red or orange but it's actually none of these colors as Sun is actually white in color.

You might be thinking that when we go out and se

I have used almost every popular social media and seen the lifecycle of many social media apps overtime. 

At first when social media became a thing, we had no idea about how to use it or what

It is common to refer biological sex and gender as same thing in the grammatical norms of society. In reality the two words imply different things. Sex is what society assigns a person at birth bas

Internet has become an integral part of our lives and we spend countless hours consuming content on websites or social networks. The content we consume comes in many forms, like text posts, images

The one thing common in all most widely used social media platforms is that all of them make huge loads of money and share nothing with their users.

You spend countless hours carefully curat

If you want to start a personal blog then you are going to need a place where you can blog. Blogging platforms make this easy for you by freeing you from all the technical work involved in managing

I recently did a week long camping trek and while we prepared for almost everything before the start of our journey, we still missed a lot of basic things. Before you go on a camping trip, here is

All of us are full of ideas we want to share and have a long list of things to create but these ideas and things never leave our comfort zone, where they're just ours. There is no fear of rejectio

When i heard about ChristChurch Mosque Shooting on the day of attack, i wasn't shocked. I didn't feel any shock or horror even when i watched the live video of the tragedy that appeared on my timel

You can upload photos to your Instagram profile directly from any pc or mac web browser without installing apps or paid softwares.

Instagram mobile app is a great way to upload photos and sto