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01 Sep 2020

K2 Mountain

View of K2 mountain from Concordia. K2 Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the world and the trek to K2 Base Camp is one of the most spectacular mountaineering treks in the world. The trek f

K2 Mountain

If there is any group of people who understand oppression better than anyone else it is women. As soon as girls learn to walk and talk, their parents and society start telling them what they can an

Women are the oppressed gender on this planet and if you don't agree with this statement then maybe it is time you go and educate yourself a little bit. Almost every woman has experienced harassmen

When it comes to blogging you have the option to just stick to a single topic and try to be the authority blog about that subject, or you can choose to be a multi topic blog where you write about a

You may have heard of the recent discussion about child marriages in the National Assembly. The Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill, 2018, was passed by Senate on last Monday. It proposed tha

Sure, for a long time women weren't allowed to vote. But they eventually got the rights they deserved as human beings. Women of color had to wait a bit longer for that too because in this world, yo

You must be living under a rock if you haven't seen the word jhumkay or pictures of a few pair online during the past couple of weeks. Women expressed their love for this piece of jewelry and start

The farthest human made object from earth in space is Voyager 1, currently travelling at a speed of about 62,140 km per hour in the interstellar space at a distance of roughly 21.2 billion kilomete

Voyager One The Story Of Farthest Human Made Object In Space

The internet is a wild place where people say anything they want without giving it much thought. I can't remember the number of times I have seen the phrase "this satisfied my OCD" on the internet.

When i tell anyone about my color blindness, they always assume that being color blind means that i can't see any color. Some of the most common respo

I spend most of time scrolling through social media feeds, watching Youtube videos or binge watching shows. Over the past few years i did manage to reduce my screen time on social media by quitting

Yesterday I was going through Netflix's movies listed in the horror genre to find something good on my niece's request. We came across Train to Busan. Both of us had heard of the movie before, so,

Wanting to express your opinion is a very human thing. And it is a basic human right: freedom of expression. All of us remember when News Channels opened in Pakistan like flowers in Spring. News wa

By now, everybody knows about the harassment accusations against Ali Zafar. Some have taken sides as if it is a regular dispute between two celebrities and not about the rights of women. Some think

Political ideologies are always difficult to talk about because we tend to see things only in black and white. An ideology is assumed to be either good or it's bad. So when we pick a side, cement o

You might think that the real color of Sun is yellow , red or orange but it's actually none of these colors as Sun is actually white in color.

You might be thinking that when we go out and se

For centuries the world did not consider mental illnesses real. Some patients were treated by priests, claiming they are possessed by demons. Some had to face torture in the so-called mental asylum