@kamranPublished October 18, 2019

How to remove background audio noise in iMovies

iMovies is a simple and great tool editing videos for free but not many people use it for audio editing. Audio editing softwares like Audacity are used for editing audio for videos. Which work great but involve a lot of extra work that complicates the process of editing.

Noise reduction and Equilizer feature of iMovies is a simple and effective way to edit audio within iMovies without exporting audio clips to other sound processing sofwares.

The background audio noise reduction method in iMovies is simple and any noise can be reduced by following these simple steps

  1. Click on the video/audio clip in the iMovies timeline
  2. Click on the Noise and Equilization Menu as shown below
  3. Check the Reduce background noise checkbar  
  4. Use the slider to change the amount of noise reduction that suits you.

Noise reduction in iMovies

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