Black Swan in Pakistan

Many of our friends are hearing about the black swan event and are being confused that what really this is. Even if some of them have some notion about these events they are still confused what this event has to do with pakistan and how this can effect daily life of every pakistani.

It is well said that the wars are fought with gold not with swords. In 2008 and  2015 the stock market of USA reached to new low levels and after some days reached back to its normal position some ecomists called it economic crash. Earlier in 11th September 2001  due to attack on WTC the international stock market crashed. This anomaly was descibed by Labanese-American statician and risk analyst, Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He presented the "Black Swan Theory" and named those events the "Black Swan Events". He said that these events cannot be predicted. Which means you cannot do something about these events. If one event occurs it ignites the second one. This second one ignites the third one and this chain continues until the economic crash happens. It happens abruptly.

On 22nd March, 2019 famous Sunni-Hanafi Islamic Scholar of Pakistan Molana Taqi Usmani was attacked. He is a pious respectable and harmless personality of Pakistan. His father Allam Shabeer Usmani was the only scholar who stepped forward for to lead funeral prayer of Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah when all the so called Mullas and Diesels declared Qauid-e-Azam Kafir and refused to lead his funeral Prayer. Molana Taqi Usmani was the first of scholars of Islam who gave the fatwa against the sucide attacks and called the terrorists the Khariji . Now the question arrises that why this noble and pious personality was attacked?

We all know that from the day of Pulwama attack there is intense tension between India and Pakistan. Form 27th of February the Indians are being insulted on diplomatic level as well as on battle grounds. They even lost the moral gorunds of clashes. Isn't it obvious that our enemy India has been annoyed even a small movement is the Arabian Sea has been detected. They want to use hybrid warfare tactics to creat the black swan event in pakistan. It is came to my knowledge that their social media wing was ready to provoke the volatile situation and to create the illusion that the attack is done by Shia sect. Now this ignite shia sunni fasad which not new in pakistan. Within no time the chaos reach the level desired by India. Now the Pakistan is in full chaos and before the Pakistani establishment can do something no one can stop the economic crash of Pakistan due to civil chaos and uncertain situation. .

Wait!!! but this never happen.

"And They planned. And Allah (also) planned. And Allah is the best of planners"

                                                                                                             Quran 3:54