Evolutionary Persistence

I am a teacher in an engineering university and after every 6 months I have to supervise a couple of groups of students in their final year project. For the past couple of years, I am getting groups of students with low grades, dumb students if I can say so who are usually not interested in the topic that I am interested in. This year I decided to only supervise groups who have interests aligned with mine. Many student groups came to me seeking my supervision but I, being greedy, wanted the bright students interested in what I was offering. I rejected many good one’s out there because they had something else in their mind. So, they went to other teachers and in the end, I was stuck with the not so bright students with no interest in any topic at all. Great!

I am like that perfectionist and idealist. Over the years I have learnt that perfectionism is no good when it comes to life. We human being and our fabric of life is not flawless. In fact, our existence is step by step update in small increments. Imagine mankind in 21st centaury, they are ruling the planet earth, trying to invade other planets in the prospect of being an intergalactic race but think how much time it took human race to reach at this point. Homo erectus and homo sapiens would never have guessed that their successors would make computers, connect them together and write blogs on internet. All this didn’t happen by meticulous planning of our ancestors to make us intellectually superior in a couple of thousand years. It took millions of years of trial and error and persistence. Human race took baby step to achieve what it has today. With evolution, humans have evolved and are still evolving in this changing world, a world in which human race is now the primary cause of change.

I teach myself daily not to contemplate on perfection of something that’s only exists with the bounds of my mind and rather act on it no matter how imperfect it comes out to be. The work that I am doing today will become better by the hard work that will be put on it by me tomorrow and the day after tomorrow making it better with time. The only thing that would make it survive in the grand plan of the universe is evolutionary persistence.