@ateebaliPublished March 22, 2019

Fear and Curiosity

Fear is a integeral part of human life. Without fear a man is not really a man. Once the man was fear of fire but even then there was a curiosity that what this really is? Later on that fire also became a necessary part of life. The fear of failing prevent the mind even to try. Fear of being poor prevents form taking risks in market. Fear of looking foolish prevents from sharing the ideas. This bloody fear became the death of many new raw ideas before those ideas were even applied. We fear that much for how long we try to hide in our safe zone. There is a narrow line between fear and smartness. Sometimes we should turn down on complex things but that tag of bravery prevents us from doing so.

Curiosity may be the first step of learning. This competent enemy of fear always fail in most of circumstances. if this wins our life is entirely changed. I beleive that curiosity is sign of having a genious mind and self awareness. The man became civilized when the first man's curiosity defeated the fear and used fire to cook his food.

Today, our youth has the fear of being jobless. They try hard to get a job bruning all of their curiosity. This fear has made many nations to give birth to servants or I should say "slaves".  They don't have their own ideas in this internet age. This is how the modern slavery look like.

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