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How to cheat in your daily blog challenge

    Couple of days ago i convinced a friend to participate in 30 days blogging challenge where we will write a blog post every single day and share it with each other before going to sleep. The purpose of this daily blog challenge is to improve our blogging skills and develop a habbit of writing blogs.

    It's the second day of this challenge. During the day i had about ten ideas in my head that i thought i would write about when i get home from work but when i arrived all tired, i started watching this new tv show that i found, and i was also feeling sleepy. I am still feeling like i should just sleep. But in the back on my mind, there's this little man guilt shaming and telling me that i have to write something before i sleep because i was the one who made this resolution in the first place.

    So i stopped watching the tv show, opened the text editor, stared at it for like half hour, rejected all those topic ideas i had because they'd take too much energy, and started writing this post. I know, it feels like cheating but atleast i am writing something and wasn't that the whole point? To develop a habbit of writing so we can blog more frequently and put our thoughts into words.

    Most of the days i have a lot of ideas that i just tweet away in a few words so atleast for me getting the ideas to write about isn't the problem. Getting thoughts out in a few words is easier, the challenge is to elaborate on those thoughts in more details than we usually do on social media.

    Procrastination is is also one of the things that i hope i can fix, i spend too much time thinking about doing things and end up not doing anything. So i hope this challenge will force me to do something everyday and hopefully help me in blogging.

    Technically i didn't fail the daily blog challenge as it still counts as a blog post, so i am gonna send it to that little friend and sleep in peace. 

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