Black Swan in Pakistan

Our Life

We humans have a wonderful nature. We try to turn our thoughts into reality but somehow our reality also becomes vague and become thought. Our time is changing continuously. Future turns into present and present into past. We become happy when some problems are solved and sad if they are not. Actually, we are in the deception. Our problems are never solved but change their nature.  We are in reality but our past is behind the curtain of memories and future behind the curtain of thoughts. We find a goal and spend many years of our life chasing it and at last we find the uselessness of that goal.  Our mentality is being changed by the time. Believes has turned into confusions. Today after a long journey, if we are able to tie our boat to river bank most of us believe it because of owned power, hardly few of us realize that its because of our Creator who made us capable to do so.

 Someday I think before this universe was made and before my life came into reality where was my existence. How can I so worthless that I had no existence at all? I am not convinced here. Maybe I existed eternally but I was in the thoughts of my Creator. And if I am just a thought do I really have grip over my life?