@proudpakistaniiPublished May 09, 2019

The Right Way to Spend Ramadan

Ramadan in Pakistan is incomplete without pakoras but for some people, it is also incomplete without social media. People share funny Ramadan stories on Twitter, discuss their sehri and iftari routine, trade recipes, and whatnot. They also try to teach others to be more helpful around the house and not spend the whole day in bed, but if you need someone on the internet to tell you how to be a decent human being, what does that say about you?

Among all the good that you see spreading around on social media this month, there are those who can't resist bringing their box of negativity and opening it in everyone's mentions. These people go on the internet with the sole purpose of pointing out the mistakes of others. Ramadan is when they bring out all of their guns and come on the internet to tell people how their fast is void because they didn't do this one particular thing. For these people, the purpose of fasting is to notice other people's sins and point them out. 

Fasting is for the expiation of our sins. By fasting, we try to cleanse our soul and focus on our personal betterment. It is also for understanding the struggles of the unfortunate ones and helping them as much as one can. But we were not asked to fast so we can get angry, start fights, judge people, and tell them how their good deeds have no value. Fasting should teach you humility and compassion and it will if you stopped focusing on people's faults and start analyzing your own shortcomings. 

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