Chernobyl Incident Is The World Going To End Because Of A Nuclear Disaster

It has been 33 years since that fateful day when an accident in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant's No. nuclear reactor left 54 people dead as a result of Acute Radiation Syndrome. Situated in the North of the Ukrainian SSR, Chernobyl was just like any other nuclear power plant in the world. A team of employees worked on maintaining the safety of the reactors. But a few tiny mistakes led to the biggest nuclear disaster in the history of humanity. 

The Soviet tried their best, and succeeded, to keep the truth from the outside world. Even the number of casualties is controversial. As far as the incident's long term effects are concerned, studies were conducted by governments and private organizations. While official sources put the estimated number of deaths caused by the after-effects are 4000, scientific and environmental organizations put the number as high as 93,000. 

Now that HBO and Sky are airing a five-part TV show based on the Chernobyl incident, everyone is talking about it. But should we have stopped talking about it ever? I don't think so. The race to nuclear weapons drove the world crazy. Every time humans mess with something they shouldn't have, something bad is bound to happen. The people who suffered as a result of this disaster weren't prime ministers or presidents of any country, they weren't military personnel. As a result, countries all over the world continued to try and be the biggest nuclear power on Earth. But what if something like Chernobyl happens again and on a much bigger scale? No country is going to give up their nuclear warheads. Although after Chernobyl, that sounds like madness here we are with approximately 16,300 nuclear weapons divided between nine countries. So, maybe this is our end and the world will end because of a huge nuclear disaster. But if we go out because of something we created then maybe we never became civilized. 

Posted by @proudpakistanii | Last updated September 01, 2020