Content Is The King And Other Rules For Content Creators

There is a saying that "Content is the King" and it holds true in every website on Internet, and maybe also in real life. You regularly visit your favorite sites because they provide valuable quality content for you to consume.

If these sites stop producing the content that you like then no one will bother going to their sites. It's like social media where people who share interesting content regularly get more followers than those who just spam your feed.

As a content creator your foremost priority is the quality of the content that you are providing your audience.

  1. You hold responsibility for the authenticity of the information that you share with your audience, so always do your own research before creating anything.
  2. Click baits do work because people tend to click on tempting post titles but if you want to be an authentic content creator then you must always be true to your promise and avoid click bait. You can fool them once but you can fool them twice.
  3. Follow the Internet etiquettes and never compromise on your core values for monetary gains.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020