How To Find Personal Blogs On Any Topic

Internet is full of big media websites and blogs are also mostly run by media houses, so it's becoming harder everyday to find personal blogs written by genuine creators. There are countless small creators and publishers that don't get the exposure they deserve for their work. This is mostly due the huge amount of resources available to media houses that small publishers simply can't afford. I love reading small personal blogs because i find them more genuine and they always have much better quality content. 

Unfortunately, to find such gems in this sea of clickbait culture you have to dig a little bit deeper than the usual google searches. One such way is to use custom search engines made specifically to help you find blogs on internet.

Search blogspot helps you find personal blogs made on blogger about any topic. There are other similar blog search engines that you can use.

As i am constantly looking for personal blogs so i made some custom search engines that help me find blogs made on different blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr. You can find these blog search engines on this site's Blog search

These sources will help you find personal blogs on any topic and hopefully give exposure to some talented bloggers.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020