How To Upload Photos On Instagram From Pc Or Mac Without App

You can upload photos to your Instagram profile directly from any pc or mac web browser without installing apps or paid softwares.

Instagram mobile app is a great way to upload photos and stories directly from mobile photo gallery to Instagram, but after long travel trips most of the photos are transferred to my pc for better organization and long term storage. This also happens if you use digital cameras and transfer your photos directly to your pc from the memory card. 

I mostly transfer all my photos and videos to my mac after any long trip for organnization and editing, so it really helps if i can just upload photos to Instagram directly from desktop.

Currently Instagram website doesn't offer any direct way to upload photos from pc or mac using any web browser but there is a simple way around this limitation if you still want to upload directly from your desktop web browser. 

Most of the apps on windows and mac appstores allow you to see the instagtam feed ( Just like website ) but charge a fee for pro account if you want to upload posts to your instagram. I, being the penny hoarder, prefer a free and easy way to upload instagram posts directly from web browser without installing or paying for anything. 

So basically if you make instagram desktop version website think that you are browsing form a mobile device, it shows the hidden buttons to upload photos and videos to your instagram feed. I don't know why Instagram doesn't show these upload options by default on their web version despite popular demand.

Upload to Instagram from Chrome on Windows / Mac Pc

  1. Open the Instagram website on your chrome browser and login to your account.
  2. Right click anywhere on screen and click on "Inspect Element" menu option.
  3. You will see a portion of the website with some source code, don't panic, just select any mobile size from the menu at the top where it says "Responsive"
  4. Reload the page and now you should be able to see the buttons to upload images on instagram just like the mobile app.
  5. Unfortunately you can't upload stories using this method, for that you will have to use the app.

Upload to Instagram from Safari on Mac

  1. The user agent method can be used on Safari browser to upload to instagram directly from your mac.
  2. Open safari preferences and enable " show Develop menu in the menu bar" option in the Adance tab.
  3. Open the Instagram website and login to your account.
  4. Go to the safari menu bar and then in Develop tab select User agent >iPhone 
  5. Reload the instagram website and simply upload the photos from your mac local files.

Watch the Video Tutorial : Upload to Instagram from PC

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020