I Wasnt Shocked By Christ Church Mosque Shootings

When i heard about ChristChurch Mosque Shooting on the day of attack, i wasn't shocked. I didn't feel any shock or horror even when i watched the live video of the tragedy that appeared on my timeline. I wasn't shocked when i heard the stories of the victims and their families, I wasn't shocked when i read the comments of people cheering the death of so many on social media.It was a tradegy for sure, but it wasn't a surprise. It has happened before, it's happening now, and the hate crimes are the new norm. Influential people are still  inciting hatred against muslims , jews, christians, hindus, and against everyone that's not them.

It's just the same story happening everywhere with just different characters. World is becoming less tolerant and the value of human life is no more worth anything in the bigger narrative. I have seen people mourning a massacre and i have seen the same people wishing the same on someone else.

I was overwhelmed by the response of New Zealand's government and people in the aftermath of ChristChurch tragedy, their efforts to encourage tolerance, their solidarity with muslim world, and fighting hatred with understanding other cultures is something that all other countries should adopt as their national policy.

Terrorism and hatred have no religion, no nationality and no ethinicty, it's the black death of the modern world. Only way to fight this disease is to understand others, embrace differences and place the value of human life above everything. 

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020