It Doesnt Matter How Good You Are At Something

All of us are full of ideas we want to share and have a long list of things to create but these ideas and things never leave our comfort zone, where they're just ours. There is no fear of rejection in our comfort zone. You may have spent months perfecting the thing that you created and still shy away from sharing it with the world, out of that fear that it might not be perfect. The fear that nobody will notice, or worse that they will notice and reject.

We, human beings , have a inherit tendency to care about what other people think about our work. While this trait has inspired a lot of people through out history to create exceptional work , it also limits our creativity in a sense that we don't value imperfections and most don't even start.

Hank Green talks about such imperfections and fear of rejection in his video The parable of a perfect pot and tells the story of a pottery teacher who divides her class into two groups. She assigns the task of making only a single pot to one group and tells them that it has to be the perfect pot in all aspects. The other group is tasked with making as many pots as they can without caring for how good they make them.

The first group starts working by designing the perfect pot .They spend weeks trying to figure out what make a pot perfect . Whereas the other group has already made hundreds of pots.

At the end , when both groups showcase their work, we find that the second group that made a lot of pots actually made better pots as compared to the single "perfect" pot made by the first group.

It does not matter how good you are at something, your first pot is gonna suck.
- Hank Green

So do you thing and put it out there because it doesn't matter how bad your first sucks, if you keep on doing it, you will eventually make it perfect. Although it doesn't have to be perfect, imperfections also tell story. Tell your story.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020