Representation Matters But Of What Kind

Every time a person of color or woman gets cast in a Hollywood movie or a big network's TV show, we celebrate the representation. Representation is necessary for sure. When we grow up watching white superheroes on TV, we like them but we know we can never be them. But what's the point of a superhero if he doesn't inspire you to be better? When children see representation on TV, they know they matter in the world and they grow up to be a productive resident of this planet we call home. 

The feeling of unity cannot flourish among people if they don't see themselves getting included in all the important things and one of these things is definitely entertainment. But there's a problem with representation. Sometimes we get so excited to see someone like us in a movie that we ignore the role they are playing. Representation matters but not of all kinds. 

Hollywood movies have always had women in them but they were mostly the damsel in distress, used in the plot to hold back the hero and complete the runtime of the film. People of color have also been in the movies from the start but in negative roles. Many generations grew up seeing people looking like them engaging in all sorts of criminal activities on TV. When representation is painting us in negative color, it is not doing us any favor. In fact, it is only strengthening that mindset which wants to keep women and POC on the sidelines. 

It is time that we start demanding representation through roles that matter. We want women and POC to star in movies that have excellent stories. If white people can play diverse characters, why do POC have to play the same role in every movie? 

Posted by @proudpakistanii | Last updated September 01, 2020