Social Media Platforms Should Share Revenue With Users

The one thing common in all most widely used social media platforms is that all of them make huge loads of money and share nothing with their users.

You spend countless hours carefully curating your social media profile and create content that keeps these social networks running and they make money from your content, your private information , and from basically anything they can get from you.

I think more social media sites like Facebook, Twitter , Reddit , Instagram and Snapchat etc should work towards sharing revenue with their users. This will not only increase the quality of content of these sites but also keep users loyal to the platform. Take the example of YouTube that shares revenue with content creators and as a result thousands of channels curate high quality content that brings more users to the site.

This business model is mutually beneficial for users and social platforms that rely heavily on participation by their users and the quality of content.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020