The Real Color Of Sun Is White Not Yellow

You might think that the real color of Sun is yellow , red or orange but it's actually none of these colors as Sun is actually white in color.

You might be thinking that when we go out and see the sun it looks yellow.

Correct, but what we see from surface of the Earth is just light that is coming from the Sun and refracting in the atmosphere of earth to make it look yellow, orange or red depending on the angle of entry of sunlight into our atmosphere.

The visible light is made up of different colors, that we see in a rainbow or when light passes through a prism and shows the spectrum of red,blue , green and yellow colors. Light is a combination of all these colors, i.e white, and when light from sun enters our atmosphere it's refracted to show us a different color of sun. 

Infact, when astranauts see Sun from space it appears a perfectly white star without any interference from Earth's atmosphere. 

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020