Train To Busan Just Another Zombie Movie Or Worth A Watch

Yesterday I was going through Netflix's movies listed in the horror genre to find something good on my niece's request. We came across Train to Busan. Both of us had heard of the movie before, so, we decided to watch it. The movie is the story of a father who never has enough time for his daughter. The daughter wants to go and visit her mom on her birthday and her father decides to take her. But a zombie outbreak attacks every part of the country and infiltrates their train too. Busan is the only place that's safe and the place they are all trying to reach.

The question with the movie isn't whether they will reach Busan or not, at least it isn't the biggest question, but how will they reach there. It has zombies, for sure, and their story is like every other film's story where a nationwide catastrophe or outbreak has affected everyone. But when you keep watching the movie, you will realize that the zombies are only the background characters. Train to Busan is all about the people traveling on the train and their emotional journey. 

It is a true depiction of how different people show different reactions in the face of adversity. Some people may always stay bad but a lot of them have the capacity to learn and be better. And sometimes people aren't inherently bad, just scared of being good and what it will require of them. In the end, the human element is what makes Train to Busan different from other such movies. 

It isn't a horror movie at all unless you get scared of a few zombie faces, but it is definitely an emotional movie. At one point, I looked over to my niece and noticed her wiping away a tear that had escaped her eye. So, if you aren't scared of zombies and shedding a few tears, then you should definitely check it out. 

Posted by @proudpakistanii | Last updated September 01, 2020