Trying To Avoid Social Media And Being More Productive

I spend most of time scrolling through social media feeds, watching Youtube videos or binge watching shows. Over the past few years i did manage to reduce my screen time on social media by quitting networks that i thought weren't productive. Like Facebook only gave me social anxiety and only brought negativity in my life, so i removed all my added friends and stopped using it. I don't miss it and have no plans of ever going back to that place. The social networks i currently use are Twitter, Reddit and sometimes Instagram. Twitter for me is therapy, i use it anonymously and it's good therapy when i need to say something and get it out of my mind. Reddit is good for information and i like the depth of Reddit community, it also helps staying in touch with the zeitgeist. I like taking pictures of the things around me, so i use instagram to occasionally share those pictures. On youtube i usually watch videos about philosophy or anything that educates me, i have learned a lot form youtube over the years.

Even after more than a year of trying to avoid social media and spend my time on more productive things, like content creation or work on some of my ideas, i still spend most of my time on unproductive things online. If i had to choose between all these apps that i use daily, i think reddit and youtube are the only things that i would want to keep on using.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020