Why Are Women So Angry

Sure, for a long time women weren't allowed to vote. But they eventually got the rights they deserved as human beings. Women of color had to wait a bit longer for that too because in this world, your value as a human increase when the darkness of your skin color decreases. But not being allowed to vote was probably the mildest form of women oppression. Women have faced a lot worse throughout history and they still continue to do so. The situation is pretty bleak in developing and third world countries. 

If you see the news or go through social media regularly, you will hear multiple stories every day about women getting abused, raped, and killed. This has continued on for a long time but the only difference is that now they are raising their voices for their rights. Women have finally said enough is enough. For a long time, they were told by their mothers and grandmothers to be patient and they will be rewarded. They thought that men will eventually understand their value and stop oppressing them every chance they get. But men can never understand simply because it is not a logical debate. Men want to oppress women so they can control them. They thought giving women the right to vote means they will start influencing lawmakers. An independent woman will realize that she doesn't need a man to live her life happily. A woman who had a share in the inheritance will not be dependent on the males of her family. All these things made men scared. How can a woman be independent, form an independent opinion, and live happily on her own?

This is why even after years of oppression when women are trying to fight for their rights, men have the audacity to tell them to calm down and to 'not create drama'. When a guy abuses a girl on Twitter and she shares the screenshots everywhere, men come in her mentions telling her to let it go, 'just block the guy, ignore him'. They don't get it that women have ignored the shitty behavior of men for centuries. The anger you see in women today is not only because of what they have had to go through during their lives but also the anger of their mothers and grandmothers that was transferred to them through the blood. Fighting women oppression today will not change the past but it will surely improve our future. The women of today may not get to see a better world for themselves but they fight so no other woman has to live like them and their mothers. 

Posted by @proudpakistanii | Last updated September 01, 2020