Why I Chose Multi Niche Blogging

When it comes to blogging you have the option to just stick to a single topic and try to be the authority blog about that subject, or you can choose to be a multi topic blog where you write about anything that interests you annd your audience.

Niche Blogging isn't bad either, it works

Most of the internet marketing "experts" will suggest you to never go for a multi niche blog as it will be difficult to maintain and rank in google searches. And they are not wrong about this, a single topic blog is much likely to rank higher for certain search terms than a multi-niche blog. My experience with micro niche blogging has been rewarding, it requires less work and it's easier to get organic views from google searches.

On the down side, i loose my interest after some time of repeatedly writinng about a single topic over and over again. Lets be honest micro niche blogs usually are full of similar blog posts with some tweaks in headlines. There are some single topic blogs that comprehensively cover the entire topics and are on top of their niche in terms of quality. If you can give time to a good niche then it's good and rewarding investment. So i get it why most of the internet "experts" always keep on recommending niche blogging to new bloggers, because it worked for them. 

But Multi Niche Blogging is what keeps me going

Now that the benifits of niche blogging are out of the way, let's talk about why i chose to keep this multi niche blog as my priority project. As i said i get drained by writing about same thing again and again. I would work on a niche blog for a while and then i would find some other niche that would attract my attention. So to get out of this loop i decided to go for multi niche blogging where i can just write about things that interest me. Writing just for the sake of google algorithm is just not for me in the long run. I see my blog as a representation of my state of mind, some days i am interested in tech and other days i might be interested in travel. So on days i am interested in travel, i will never be able to write a good blog about tech. I am not relying on affiliate sales or creating marketing funnels to direct my readers to some product, so i don't have to worry about not being able to apply all the marketing strategies on my blog.

Another thing that i considered while choosing to finally settle on a multi-niche blog is the fact that most of the time i will get site visitors from google or social media where i can separate my audience based on their interests. Let me explain this; Lets say someone comes to a blog posts from google or social media, they are gonna see the blog post. As long as i have my blog post page setup in a way that it shows related posts only from that topic, the reader can explore that niche. Most of the time readers are just one time readers that are just looking for a very specific information, so if you can provide that information in a single page then that is a valuable content. 

This strategy of multi niche blogging is not viable in blogging platforms like wordpress or blogger so i made my own framework and setup this site exactly the way i wanted it. Although, wordpress can be used to categorize different section of a blog with some creative templates.

I chose multi niche blogging so i could be free from the limitation of having to just write about a specific topic. I wanted to be able to write about a variety of interests that i am passionate about and share new things that i learn along the way. It is definitly a long term commitment to work on a multiniche blog but it's something that's worth trying if you are going to blog for a long time. 

This doesn't mean that you should ditch niche blogging completely, it has it's own importance, i will be working on micro niche blogs on topics that might need a separate site. But it's also nice to have a place where you can freely write without worrying about sticking to the topic.

Posted by @kamran | Last updated September 01, 2020